55"  WIY Trailing Arm kit

55" WIY Trailing Arm kit

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OpenAir Motorsports trailing arms are designed with strength, weight, and ease of assembly in mind, and feature a bash plate to protect the underside from unsuspecting impacts. At 55” in length, with 30.5” from the front pivot to the coilover (front) hole, these are ideal for crew cab trucks and shorter wheelbase vehicles. Our trailing arms are laser cut and CNC formed for tight fitment and utilize a “slot and tab” design, allowing the pieces to click together and ‘self-fixture’ to streamline assembly. This WIY kit includes all of the necessary laser cut and bent mild steel plate to complete (2) 55” trailing arms.

We offer a laser cut “Tube Kit” for an added cost which includes all tube pieces required to complete a pair of arms. We highly suggest purchasing the tube kit to save the headache of cutting them yourself, and to eliminate any room for user error by cutting them out by hand.


Shock spread between coil over and bypass mounting holes is 7 inches.

Distance from front shock (coilover) hole to centerline of uniball is 30.5".

Fits up to a 3.0" coilover and a 4.5” bypass shock.


Uniball cups, uniballs, rod ends and hardware are NOT included.


Suggested uniball = FK WSSX-16T or equal.

Suggested wobble stopper uniball cup = ProAm 9044HDWSKIT-W

Suggested standard uniball cup =Kartek KTK9044HDXT250, or equal. Must have minimum 2.5" wide weldable surface.

Recommended rod ends = 1.25" shank x 1” bore with bungs for 1.75"x.120 wall tube